There are specific activities that I enjoy and these are evident in my photo gallery. For me a great scene starts with an erotically charged chemistry followed by lots of bondage, ass play, mind games, sadism and medical play. The ideal session length to achieve what I envision is 3+ hours, and it all happens in either my spacious Dungeon or Clinic Room (and often in both). In that time you will get the full “Ava Experience”, one you will grow to crave more and more.

I derive pleasure from the following:

Medical Play One of my primary areas of expertise, I enjoy giving examininations and treatments for whatever your condition is. I have no limits in this area. All aspects including prolonged embarrassing examinations, sounds, electro stimulation, the big E, play piercing and skin staples, speculums, probing and prodding you all over. Bondage A passion of mine, from light to extreme the equipment at my disposal is both elaborate and top notch. From light to extreme, I employ elaborate rope and leather restraint methods, mummification, sensory deprivation, predicaments, complete immobilization — I have multiple means of putting you in your place.
Torture This can take many forms: from teasing to sadistic torment of the nipples, ass, cock and balls to restrictive breathing techniques, interrogations and mind games, temperature play, wax… My creativity in this area is immense. Role Play Simple to elaborate, my experience in this area is incredibly diverse. I ADORE turning the tables on you while playing a bad cop/prison guard/soldier, employer/landlord, evil mommy/aunt/head mistress, judicial scenes, and of course I love doctor/nurse/mad scientist scenarios.
Humiliation Verbal, raunch, objectification, micro-managing, sissification, sploshing, making you a filthy animal, playing demeaning and

debasing games are some examples of the means used to break you down.

Punishment You will learn your lesson with me! From behavioral modification using corporal techniques (especially paddles, canes, straps and hand spankings), humbling and painful methodology, to tease and denial, change will happen!
Sadism I’m a true sexual sadist. I will say no more. Worship Only what I deem appropriate.

There might be some activities I enjoy that are not on this list. You have permission to inquire as long as you are capable of taking no for an answer.